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Christian Herren

Born in the early 1990s in Bern (Switzerland) and having grown up in a geopolitical climate characterised by an increasing specialisation of fields of knowledge, as an artist, a curator, a publisher and a collector, Christian Herren is driven by the need for a universal, interdisciplinary approach to current issues. The starting point for most of his work is a personal moment of joy and amazement about something that was previously unknown to the artist. Herrens works strive to reflecton the present day in relation to (art) history and to examine and combine the two through the disciplines of iconography, cultural anthropology and environmental sciences.

As an explorer with a generalist approach, when creating his research based, usually cooperative installations, sculptures, video works and performances, Christian Herren endeavours to update the baroque «cabinet of curiosities» concept, which sought to achieve a better understanding of complex issues through the unifying combination of history, art, nature and sciences and today, in a contemporary version, can help these fields to achievea better understanding of each other. Having studied art history and philosophy, Herren brings a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at Sandberg Institute (Rietveld Academie) while working as a freelance artist and also with the gallery eletto.ch and the experimental publisher nm-nl.org.

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