Christian Herren

Coca Castro: a documentary film

Experimental documentary film about the artist Rudolf Häsler (1927-1999). Conception and implementation, in collaboration with Daniel Bleuer (film), Roman Sterchi (overall management and event) and Pascal Schärli (graphic design). Accompanying measures: Conception, text and design of various communication media and the organization of a private film premiere attended by more 300 people.

The documentary film about Rudolf Häsler entitled "Coca-Castro", directed by Christian Herren and Daniel Bleuer, is a résumé of the almost two years of research on the artist led by the cultural agency. The footage was shot in Switzerland, Cuba and Spain.

As National Director of Applied Arts, the Swiss painter Rudolf Häsler held the second-highest position of any foreigner in the Cuban revolutionary government after Che Guevara. In the 1970s, Häsler developed a meticulous realism that belongs to the hyperrealist school and is compared to the works of Franz Gertsch, Ralph Goings and Antonio López Garcia. The artist would have celebrated his 90th birthday in 2017. His extensive oeuvre and unique biography were processed and meticulously analysed by the cultural agency, including the organisation of his first, comprehensive solo exhibition.