Christian Herren

Jeu de Paume and Château de Cheverny: Flowers tell works of art

Scenography and floristry for the Jeu de Paume Museum (Paris) and the Château de Cheverny (Loire); the latter commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in France. In collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Daan Couzijn.

At the invitation of the Librairie du Jeu de Paume, the agency designed a concept to creatively liven up the museum entrance area. During a semester of exhibitions, alternating flower compositions were created each week, each representing an interpretation of a work of art or a book.

The agency also created storytelling scenographies involving plants and flowers at the Château de Cheverny as part of an event.
The arrangements, which were created in collaboration with local flower farmers, always refer to works of art or literature. The bouquets are therefore not only to be understood as organic ornaments, but as sculptural objects with an artistic context.