Christian Herren

Inventories of works of art, estate sales, appraisals and art consultations – from Käthe Kollwitz to Per Kirkeby

Over the past fifteen years, the cultural agency has provided art consultancy services to numerous private individuals, institutions and foundations. It has supported private sales in various categories, including contemporary art, classical modernism and historical works on paper. Examples include the estate collection of Othmar and Valérie Häuptli (Aarau) and the Hans Rohr collection (Zurich). Inheritance inventories, overviews of valuable objects (inventory and registration) and appraisals were prepared as part of this service.
With a large network at its disposal, including auction houses and galleries in Switzerland and abroad, the cultural agency provides support with the liquidation of collections (art sales). Numerous works of art have been successfully brokered on behalf of private individuals in recent years. These works include "Stehende nackte Frau mit Kind im Arm" (Standing nude woman with child in her arms) by Käthe Kollwitz, which is now part of an important Cologne collection, and "Album Amicorum" by Hans Wildert Zoller, which is now on display in the Metropolitan Museum (New York). Under the label "ELETTO" Christian Herren, together with Melina Bärtschi and Roman Sterchi, has also organized numerous sales exhibitions and designed a website.