Christian Herren

Moon landing: Stories on the 50th anniversary

The moon over 3000 years of human history: Research, writing of texts and preparation of visual material. On behalf of the University of Bern/Stämpfli Kommunikation, the cultural agency explored the topic of the moon from a cultural anthropological point of view and provided various content for the major event "Bern in Space". 

We have always been fascinated by the moon. The fact that humans set foot on it for the first time 50 years ago is a high point in modern history. That stony and grey neighbour of our earth has been surrounded by mystical legends, stories and meanings for thousands of years. Looking up at it during a full moon, this is hardly surprising. The fact that we have set foot on it does not detract from our fascination. Let's look up and tell some of the stories that have been inspired by the moon...